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Around the World With ExOfficio:
Staff Travel Plans for 2017

It’s no surprise that here at ExOfficio, we love to travel. A long-planned bucket list journey across the globe, a simple weekend getaway to a beloved destination, or a family trip or a solo adventure: Just as important as where you’re going is the experience of simply getting away. So, as we look ahead to what’s in store for 2017, here’s a peek into some of our staffers’ travel plans, both near and far—perhaps they’ll be inspiration for your next trip.


Karen, Product Designer

Time Travel : I want to go now because it has been such a time of change in terms of Cuba-U.S. relations. The history is so unique there. I’m excited to see all the architecture in Havana, from 15th-century Spanish to 17th/18th-century European, Art Nouveau, and mid-century modern. Unlike other countries, these buildings did not get torn down and replaced with skyscrapers, or destroyed by bombing like many places in Europe. I also want to visit some other areas of Cuba and do some snorkeling for educational purposes, like the study of reef ecology. Cuba is somewhat of a time capsule in terms of industry and development; so much of the natural habitat, including coral reefs, has been preserved.

Essential ExOfficio Gear: I will take my Sol Cool™ Long Sleeve for sun protection while snorkeling and my Salama Stripe Dress because it’s small to pack and looks great for so many occasions.

Yellowstone National Park, Grand Tetons

Brenda, Sales Representative

Family Fun: My husband and two daughters are on a mission to see as many national parks and natural wonders as possible. The journey is the number one reason to go—the time spent with the family, seeing new sights, and a distinctly different topography. The next best part is the food and people you meet along the way.

Essential ExOfficio Gear: My FlyQ™ Jacket—it goes everywhere with me. It holds everything in pockets while boarding a plane: plane tickets, phone, cords, and is a great layer against the cool air of the plane. I’m also bringing my Sol Cool™ Hoody and Wanderlux™ Stripe Dress, which is perfect for hanging around or going to dinner.

Jaipur, India

The pink facade of this building shows why Jaipur is known as the Pink City.
The pink facade of this building shows why Jaipur is known as the Pink City.

Nico Crisafulli

Ritu, Direct Retail Buyer

Destination Wedding: I’m traveling with my husband, parents, sister, and in-laws to attend my sister’s big fat Indian wedding! I’m most excited about the fact that my baby sister is getting married; the location is just the icing on the cake! Jaipur is known as the Pink City of India and is dotted with palaces. My husband is especially looking forward to trying the mouthwatering dishes unique to this region of the country.

Essential ExOfficio Gear: I will be packing the Sol Cool™ Hoody, one for me and one for my husband, to beat the scorching desert heat and protect us from sunburn in Jaipur.

West Coast Trail, British Columbia

The West Coast Trail, in British Columbia, is one of the most stunning hiking spots on the continent.
The West Coast Trail, in British Columbia, is one of the most stunning hiking spots on the continent.

Ilya Katsnelson

Elizabeth, Warranty Manager

Adventurous Girlfriend Getaway: I love backpacking, and the West Coast Trail is beautiful—I’ll be spending 10 days just with my girlfriends and the great outdoors. I love the music that the silence of the woods offers. I love to have time to hear everything my friends have been going through: kids, marriage, jobs, etc. Our lives are so busy now, the fact that we get together to explore with each other is the ultimate love language.

Essential ExOfficio Gear: Give-N-Go® Sport Mesh 4″ Boy Short. They’re award winning, need I say more?!

Southern Utah

Bryce National Park is a must-do destination for outdoor lovers.
Bryce National Park is a must-do destination for outdoor lovers.

Todd Petrie

Johanna, Design Materials Manager

Camping and Giving Back: My husband, two kids, and I are going to southern Utah for a family vacation during Spring Break 2017. We’ve done it twice before and here’s what we do: Fly to Vegas and rent a Juicy camper van, which sleeps two inside and two on top, and has a gas stove, pump sink, and electric dorm fridge in the hatch. We head north to Utah, and we camp for three or four days in Zion, Bryce, Cedar Breaks, and Arches if we feel ambitious. Then we volunteer at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary for two or three days. My kids like to work with the cats, bunnies, and dogs. But volunteers can work with horses, pigs, birds, and other animals. They have a vegan lunchroom on site and all staff and volunteers eat lunch together, learn the latest about the sanctuary, and hear stories from the various heads of each animal area.

Essential ExOfficio Gear: It gets really cold at night, so we’ll bring our Cosimo and Cosima Hoodies and Vests for lightweight packable layering. The Juicy van doesn’t hold much, so we have to choose our gear wisely!

Kauai, Hawaii

Kamma, Office Manager

Solo Sojourn: I’m traveling with me, myself, and I to visit my best friends in Kauai. I’m especially looking forward to swimming in the Blue Room, a cave on the northern coast that’s much like the Blue Grotto in Italy.

Essential ExOfficio Gear: Sol Cool™ everything! A long sleeve crew for paddling, a short sleeve for running and biking, and a hoody for swag!

Costa Rica

Brian, General Manager

Central America Adventure: My wife, Susie, our son Josh, and I picked Costa Rica, as we wanted the opportunity to explore the vast national parks as well as get some time near the ocean. Our last couple of trips have been focused on urban travel exploration, so we are looking to do some adventure traveling this time around.

Essential ExOfficio Gear: BugsAway® Sol Cool™ Zip Neck (coming Spring 2017) is coming for sure given the need to protect against sun and bugs so we can stay out all day exploring.

Whitefish, Montana

Jenny, Associate Merchandiser

Adventurous Anniversary: My boyfriend, Ryan, and I wanted to do something fun and different to celebrate our first year together. Ryan was able to find an awesome Airbnb downtown and we will be taking the Amtrak overnight. We are excited to get out on the slopes and see some new sights.

Essential ExOfficio Gear: I’m sure my favorite fleece, the Thermique Hoody, will be the first into the bag, since it’s the perfect cozy piece to wear by the fireplace.

Tanzania, Africa

Uhuru Peak, on Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, is the highest point in Africa, at 19,340 feet.
Uhuru Peak, on Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, is the highest point in Africa, at 19,340 feet.

Chris 73/Wikimedia Commons

Marisa, Sales Representative

Summit Dreams: I’m traveling by myself, but I am going with a group from Thomson Safaris. It’s my third time to Africa; I love it. I’m most excited about summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro! Actually, I’m excited about all of it: my 25-hour flight over there just to climb Kili, the 10 other people I don’t know that I am going to climb with, the terrain. It’s been a personal challenge that I’ve adopted in the last five years.

Essential ExOfficio Gear: Three colors in the Women’s Air Strip™, our most technical shirt for adventures, and a few pair of the Give-N-Go® Sport Mesh Thongs, the ultimate travel underwear because they stay fresh longer and I can wash them in the sink for the next day’s adventure.

Originally written by RootsRated for ExOfficio.

Featured image provided by kansasphoto