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A General Manager's
Look on the Year Ahead

By: Brian Thompson

At ExOfficio we believe that the magic of travel is a powerful force that can bring people from different walks of life closer together and remind us how similar we all really are.  Travel to new places creates perspective, empathy and understanding of other cultures and ways of life.   As much as we all love the images of the “perfect” sunset, waterfall or historic site it is almost always the memories of the people that we met along the way that stay with us the longest.

Consumer trends suggest more of us are looking to forego purchasing “stuff” for the opportunity to purchase experiences.  As we look forward to 2017 we believe that more people are going to push beyond their comfort zones and experience the diversity that makes our world so amazing.  With the strength of the US dollar and availability of affordable airfare the barriers to international travel have been lowered.

While news of tragic events across the globe gives us reason to pause we should also remember that we are more likely to win the PowerBall lottery than be victim to terrorist related violence.   We also see more travelers using guide services so that they can truly experience the places they are visiting.  A good guide can bring the history and culture of a new place to life and turn a “trip” into an experience that will transform how one thinks of the world.  We hope that you make experiencing the magic of travel one of your New Year’s resolutions.