ExOfficio Garment Care

General Guidelines:
  • Proper care will add years to your travel clothing.
  • Be sure to follow label guidelines when caring for garments.
Synthetic Fabrics:
  • Synthetic fabrics are sensitive to heat. If you need to use an iron, be careful. Use low heat or fabric might melt or shrink.
  • Synthetic fabrics wash easily and dry quickly.
  • To remove grease or oil stains, apply liquid detergent and allow it to soak in prior to washing.
  • Dry cleaning is best for bad stains.
  • Tumble dry on low heat or line dry.
Natural Fabrics: (cotton)
  • Cotton creases when washed, wrinkles when worn, and will need considerable ironing - yet it is by far one of the most comfortable fabrics.
  • Cottons are not colorfast, so wash these items separately when new.
  • Cotton also tends to shrink when washed, but can be pulled back into place after washing.
  • Contact with acids (such as fruit juice) can weaken cotton if left for long periods of time. Wash out any staining immediately.
Stain Removal:

Here is a list of helpful links to provide tips on how to remove a variety of stains from your garments.

Convertible Pants:
Give-N-Go Underwear

1. Wash with soap in a sink or bathtub.

2. Wring it out.

3. Lay it flat on a dry towel.

4. Roll up towel and underwear like a burrito.

5. Stomp on it.

6. Hang to dry in a well-ventilated area.

7. Dries in 2-4 hours, depending on humidity.

8. Wear and repeat.

Hemming Instructions for ExOfficio Convertible Pants

  • Determine the correct hem length
  • Safety pin the zipper in the open position while re-hemming
  • Open hem, trim if necessary and (press using low heat press flat and press cloth)
  • Press in new hem length
  • Cut zipper tape at new hem length
  • Trim excess fabric 1 1/4" from new hem length
  • Fold edge 1/4" and press
  • Fold again 1" and press forming a finished edge
  • Enclose zipper tape in hem (zipper tape stich over coils should extend to hem edge)
How to Hem ExOfficio Pants Finished Hem

Download our printable .pdf hemming instructions