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What is Sol Cool?

Sol Cool is a collection of cooling and sun protective clothing featuring Icefil® technology.

Featured Product
Sol Cool Ultimate Hoody

Whether you're on a day trip or a three week expedition, your clothes need to perform. Sun protective, quick drying, and featuring cooling technology, the Sol Cool Ultimate Hoody will keep you protected and comfortable wherever you roam.

This was a total game-changer for me. It wicks sweat superfast, and it's cooler than wearing nothing at all.

-Gear tester, Backpacker Magazine

Cooling Technology

Sol Cool uses Icefil technology to keep you cool and comfortable in hot climates. The compound Xylitol, which occurs naturally in the birch tree, is woven into fabric. When it comes into contact with moisture like sweat, it reacts, creating a cooling sensation similar to mint gum. Xylitol can cool the skin surface up to 5°F

Xylitol in Action

The experiment below shows how quickly Xylitol goes into effect. One minute after 10% Xylitol was added, the water's temperature dropped 11°F, and the rate of water evaporation increased significantly.

The Wicking Wonder

Sweat works to cool us by evaporating off skin, creating a cooling effect. Water conducts heat 24x better than air, so removing moisture from skin is a very efficient way for the body to regulate temperature.

Sol Cool enhances this cooling with highly efficient wicking fibers, which feature a micro-capillary structure to quickly pull moisture away from the skin and release it on the top of the fabric to evaporate. This keeps you cool and dry no matter how active you are.

UV & Odor Protection in One

Nano-particles woven into the fabric both eliminate odor molecules in the fabric
and disperse UV rays. Sol Cool is rated UPF 50+, the highest sun protection rating
possible for a garment.

The Sol Cool Family

The Sol Cool collection comes in many different styles and colors so you can fit your clothes to your adventure.