1. Overview
  2. Why Coffee?
  3. Making Of
  4. Eco Friendly
  5. Javatech Collection

What is Javatech?

JavaTech™ technology embeds recycled coffee grounds into fabric for superior performance. Whether you’re running through the airport or on a trail, JavaTech will keep you comfortable and fresh.

Why Coffee

After the roasting and brewing process, coffee molecules are ideal for performance fabric. They reduce odor in the garment by neutralizing then releasing odors in the wash. They also efficiently move moisture to the fabric surface for rapid drying, and provide UPF 15 sun protection from UVA and UVB rays.

From Grounds to Garments

The Making of Javatech

Green Beans

8.3 million tons of green coffee beans are harvested every year. The grounds are considered ‘waste’ and would normally end up in a landfill. By recycling the grounds, JavaTech reduces the impact of the coffee industry on the planet.

The Javatech Collection

Available in lighweight and midweight styles so you can customize a performance layering system specific to your adventure. Our Javatech layers function together to keep you comfortable and cozy.