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The ExOfficio Story

Traveling, whether you seek different cultures, epic scenery or the thrill of the unknown opens your mind to the wonders of the world. We at ExOfficio celebrate the traveler by crafting garments that allow you to experience the world unhindered.

ExOfficio was born in 1987 when our founders discovered the need for technical apparel that performs as gear. They engineered a shirt with the functionality of a fly-fishing vest, built-in ventilation, and the construction of a dress shirt.

Today, we put the same thought into every detail for garments that will enhance any adventure. In 25 years we have gone farther than we ever thought possible while remaining true to our original mission. You often have to return to a familiar place to realize the wonderful and sometimes unexpected ways you grew from your travels.

We hope that everyone can interact with the world in such a way as to improve it and themselves. It is with that hope that all of our products are Made to Adventure.

25 Years of Inventive Design

  • September 1, 1986 -- Founded in Seattle, Washington, as De Sar Inc. by Rick Hemmerling and Joe Boldan.
  • 1987 The Baja is introduced - a ventilated shirt with lots of pockets that looks good enough to go into town. The Baja is the first "climate control" shirt.
  • 1988 The company is rebranded and the ExOfficio name is introduced.
  • 1991 We develop our own Nycott fabric to make the first comfortable 100% nylon pant. We are the first to build a brief into a non-elastic waist pant. Backpacker Magazine deems the Amphi pant the "Find of the Year".
  • 1991 We begin incorporating our signature hidden security-zip pockets into many pieces to give travelers a safe place to carry valuables.
  • 1993 We are the first major company to introduce high performance convertible clothing.
  • 1994 We build UV protection into a new shirt, the Air Strip®. It has a unique venting system and is the first synthetic shirt that is as comfortable as cotton but also wicks moisture. We also introduce a 3-position sun collar for adjustable protection from harmful UV rays.
  • 1995 Listed on Inc. 500 as fastest growing private company (again in 1996 and 1997).
  • 1996 We are one of the first companies to introduce Teflon® coating to make garments water and stain resistant.
  • 1997 We invent our indestructible button system to survive the demanding use of daily wear. We also introduce the floating pocket, which has now sold over 250,000 units.
  • 2000 We introduce odor-resistant Give-N-Go® performance underwear made of diamond-weave mesh. We also introduce Aegis® Microbe Shield® technology into our garments.
  • 2004 We are the first company to introduce EPA registered Insect Shield® insect repellent clothing to the country. Our Bugsaway® collection combines sun protection and insect repellent treatments for maximum outdoor protection. We also begin offering garments made with dri-release® and Freshguard®.
  • 2006 We introduce the Irresistible® sweater line. Super soft and wicking performance fabric.
  • 2007 Jarden Corp. acquires ExOfficio. Jarden is a leading provider of niche consumer products. ExOfficio is a part of their outdoor solutions branch. Our Tofutech® Tee Shirt wins the Backpacker Magazine Green Gear of the Year Award.
  • 2010 Our Storm Logic® convertible jacket wins a Travel Goods Show Innovation Award.
  • 2011 We develop our Sol Cool® line with 50 UPF and Ice Fil® technology. We also partner with Cocona® to create our ExoDri® line.