WANTED: Women Ambassadors for ExOfficio

If you are a woman with a passion for adventure travel who can inspire others to do the same, we may have an important role for you to play with ExOfficio. We're looking for women who love our clothing and would enjoy being an Adventure Ambassador for us. If you think that could be you, here's what you need to do:

Complete all fields on the application and tell us in 300 words or less in an essay or video "Why Should You Be an ExOfficio Ambassador?" The video must be uploaded on YouTube or Vimeo. Submit the required material by July 1, 2012.

Your answer to the question of why you should be our ambassador will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Evidence of your passion for adventure travel and your way of sharing it.
  • Evidence that you are an inspiration in your community or elsewhere.
  • Demonstration of your ability to be articulate as a prospective ambassador.
  • Demonstration of your leadership skills and ability to motivate others.

ExOfficio's marketing team will select up to three of the applicants to be ExOfficio Adventure Ambassadors. Each of the three will be asked to spend a total of approximately 10 hours each month for the next year doing the following:

  • Endorse ExOfficio by informing others about the brand, its products and events in her community, and on her blog, Twitter account, Facebook page, or ExOfficio's Facebook page.
  • Share her experience with ExOfficio products she has tried and provide feedback to ExOfficio about the products.
  • Be willing to participate in events at ExOfficio stores or at trade shows in which ExOfficio is an exhibitor.
  • Wear ExOfficio clothing (provided at no cost to her) on her travel adventures and be willing to share occasional updates and photos from her travels via ExOfficio's Facebook page and/or through ExOfficio's promotional efforts.

Click here to apply to be an ambassador