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ExOfficio Travel Clothing

Travel Clothing

  • 1. Durability

  • With features like high strength fabrics, double-needle stitching, and indestructible buttons, ExOfficio clothing is engineered to endure, adventure after adventure.
  • 2. Fabric

  • We stay on the forefront of fabric technology to create the most functional apparel possible, and utilize many of the most innovative fabric developments: Insect Shield®, dri-release®, Freshguard™, Icefil®, and UPF Sun Guard to name a few.
  • 3. Smart Design

  • Most of our features are in direct response to problems people have that aren't being addressed. Convertible performance clothing, multitasking jackets and climate control venting are just a sample of the highly functional features in our designs.
  • 4. Traveler Friendly

  • Whether you're going around the corner or around the world, ExOfficio travel clothes are highly packable, easy care, and long wearing so you can pack lighter and do less laundry.
  • 5. Protection

  • Each garment is optimized for a particular environment. At a river in the tropics, you need protection from the sun and insects. If you are in the mountains, fabric strength is priority. And if you love exploring foreign cities, you need clothing that will stay fresh and won't wrinkle.