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ExOfficio Survival Bracelet

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ExOfficio Survival Bracelet

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ExOfficio Survival Bracelet

Product Description

The ExOfficio Survival Cord Bracelet provides 8-10 feet of Para-Cord in any emergency situation. The low profile buckle keeps the bracelet secure around your wrist for easy access. To use, find the plastic nub on the back side near the buckle and pop it out from underneath the cord holding it in place. Unbraid the cord to full length.

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Technical Specs

  • Details

    • 8-10 feet of Para-Cord, rated to 550 lbs: Small 8', Medium 9', Large 10'
    • Outer nylon sheath rated to 200 lbs
    • 7 internal strands, each rated to 50 lbs
    • Each internal strand can be separated to be used for sewing thread
    • Many uses, including clothes line, shelter building, fishing line or net, securing gear, hanging food, shoe laces, repairs, etc.
    • To clean, rinse in cold water and air dry
    • Imported
  • Care Instructions

    Hand wash cold; Dry at room temperature
  • Fabric

    550 Para
  • Garment Weight

    1 oz.
  • Best Uses

    Camping, Everyday, Hiking, Roughian Adventures, Urban Exploration