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Explore the World Responsibly

At ExOfficio we live for adventure and pride ourselves on creating innovative solutions that allow travelers to explore the world with ease and comfort. At the same time, we encourage our fellow explorers to respect and preserve the diverse cultures, historical legacies and natural environments they experience along the way.

ExOfficio supports efforts around the globe dedicated to exploring the world responsibly. We partner with organizations that tread lightly upon the earth and keep an open mind - that contribute in positive ways to the ecosystems they visit and the inhabitants they meet.

We look forward to learning about your organization/event and how ExOfficio can help amplify your cause. Please complete the ExOfficio sponsorship application for consideration.

Click here to apply for a partnership

  • Rivers of Recovery

    ExOfficio proudly partners with Rivers of Recovery, a non-profit organization that creates experiences of a lifetime for disabled Veterans and their families.

    For more information about Rivers of Recovery, visit their website at

  • The Wilderness Classroom Organzation

    The Wilderness Classroom Organization started with a simple idea: to show students from around the world the wonders of exploration and wilderness travel. Six years and ten expeditions later, the Wilderness Classroom is a 501(c)3 that reaches over 60,000 students around the globe. Their goal has never changed: seeking to instill a lifelong appreciation of wilderness in young people by highlighting the joy of discovery.

    For more information about the Wilderness Classroom Organization, visit their website at

  • World Concern

    A chance for a life beyond war. That's one example of how ExOfficio partner World Concern is helping transform the lives of the world's poorest people.

    In this photo, World Concern staff member Tracy Stover gives a woman a voucher so that she can shop for food and basic supplies for her family, all refugees from Darfur, Sudan. The people receiving vouchers on this day earned them by working in an environmental improvement project, which includes the planting of trees and improving rainwater runoff for better agricultural production. The refugees helped in this project were forced from their home villages by a violent and ruthless rebel group. Tracy and World Concern staff across the globe wear ExOfficio shirts, durable clothing that looks great, day after day, even in the world's harshest conditions.

    For more information about World Concern, visit their website at or call 206.546.7201.

  • Medical Teams International

    Medical Teams International sends more than 200 volunteer teams each year to provide disaster relief and surgeries, as well as general medical and dental care for impoverished people worldwide. By working with local partners they aim to transform communities and improve the health of millions of people. ExOfficio supports their efforts by outfitting their medical teams and entire staff as well as donating product for annual fundraising events.

    For more information about Medical Teams International, visit their website at

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